Materi TOEFL Structure Skill 8 (Other Adverb Connector)

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Materi TOEFL Structure Skill 8 beserta pembahasan lengkap dari buku Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test.

Skill 8 Use Other Adverb Connector Correctly (Gunakan Kata Hubung Adverb Lainnya dengan Benar)

Selain menggungkapkan ide terkait waktu, dan sebab adverb clauses juga dapat mengungkapkan beberapa ide lainnya, seperti contrast (perlawanan), condition (kondisi), manner (cara), dan place (tempat). Adverb clauses ini memiliki struktur yang sama dengan adverb clauses of time & cause pada Skill 7. Pelajarilah contoh kalimat berikut!

1. I will leave at 7:00 if I am ready.
2. Although I was late, I managed to catch the train.

*Pada masing-masing contoh kalimat di atas, terdapat dua clauses yang dihubungkan dengan adverb connector, yaitu if & although. Pada kalimat ke-1 adverb condition connector “if” berada di tengah kalimat. Sedangkan, pada kalimat ke-2 adverb contrast connector although berada di awal kalimat, maka tanda koma (,) digunakan sesudah adverb clause tersebut (di tengah-tengah kalimat).

You will get a good grade on the exam provided …
(A) studying
(B) study
(C) to study
(D) you study
Jawaban: D
Pada contoh kalimat di atas, Anda harus perhatikan bahwa terdapat adverb condition connector “provided”, maka kalimat tersebut harus diikuti dengan Subject & Verb. Jawaban (D) merupakan jawaban yang tepat karena memiliki “Subject + Verb”.


Condition: if, in case, provided, providing, unless, whether
Contrast: althought, even though, though, while, whereas
Manner: as, in that
Place: where, wherever

Subject + Verb Adverb Connector Subject + Verb
Bob went to school even though he felt sick.

Adverb Connector Subject + VerbSubject + Verb
Even though Bob felt sickhe went to school.

*Tanda koma (,) sering digunakan di tengah kalimat dengan contrast connector.

The smith family arrived at 02:00, while the Jones family arrived an hour later.

EXERCISE 8: Each of the following sentences contains more than one clause. Underline the subjects once and the verbs twice in each of the following sentences. Italicize the connectors. Then, indicate if the sentences are correct (C) or incorrect (I).

1. It is impossible to enter that program if you lack experience as a teacher. (…)

2. The commandant left strict orders about the passes, several soldiers left the post anyway. (…)

3. No one is admitted to the academy unless he or she the education requirements. (…)

4. While most students turned the assignment in on time, a few asked for an extention. (…)

5. I will take you wherever need to go to complete the registration procedures. (…)

6. I will wait here in the airport with you whether the plane leaves on time or not. (…)

7. Providing the envelope is postmarked by this Friday, your application still acceptable. (…)

8. As the nurse already explained all visitors must leave the hospital room now. (…)

9. This exam will be more difficult than usual in that it covers two chapters instead of one. (…)

10. Though snow had been falling all day long, everyone got to the church on time for the wedding. (…)

Kunci Jawaban:

1. It is impossible to enter that program if you lack experience as a teacher. ( C )

2. The commandant left strict orders about the passes in case several soldiers left the post anyway. ( I ) “tidak ada connector; koma sebelum connector dihilangkan”

3. No one is admitted to the academy unless he or she fulfils the education requirements. ( I ) “tidak ada verb”

4. While most students turned the assignment in on time, a few asked for an extention. ( C )

5. I will take you wherever you need to go to complete the registration procedures. ( I ) “tidak ada subject”

6. I will wait here in the airport with you whether the plane leaves on time or not. ( C )

7. Providing the envelope is postmarked by this Friday, your application is still acceptable. ( I ) “tidak ada verb”

8. As the nurse already explained, all visitors must leave the hospital room now. ( I ) “tidak ada tanda koma di tengah kalimat”

9. This exam will be more difficult than usual in that it covers two chapters instead of one. ( C )

10. Though snow had been falling all day long, everyone got to the church on time for the wedding. ( C )

Sekian Materi TOEFL Structure Skill 8 beserta pembahasan dari buku Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test. Semoga Materi TOEFL Structure Skill 8 tadi dapat membantu teman-teman dalam belajar TOEFL.

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