Soal dan Pembahasan Anto


Soal dan Pembahasan Anto – Secara umum materi recount text dapat dipelajari pada pelajaran bahasa Inggris pada tingkatan SMP. Pada pelajaran bahasa inggris terdapat materi recount text yang soalnya akan dibagikan pada tulisan ini beserta pembahasannya.

This text is for questions 1 to .


Last weekend, I visited my pen pal’s house. His Name is Anto. There were many activities I did there. In the morning, Anto and I had breakfast. We had traditional food. I liked it very much.

After breakfast, he took me to the garden behind his house. The garden was very big and beautiful. There is a big birdcage in the garden. There were many kinds of birds in that cage. I spent a long time feeding the birds. I also took pictures with those beautiful birds.

After visiting the birdcage, Anto and I went to the flower garden not far from his house. We took a rest and had lunch under a big tree and watch butterflies flying above colorful flowers. In the afternoon, we swam in the pool in the backyard. It was so fun. I really enjoyed my time with Anto.

1. The text above tells us about …
A. A holiday at a friend’s place
B. A picture of bird
C. A big bird cage
D. A big garden

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah (D) A big garden.

2. What is the last paragraph about?
A. Anto had butterflies as his pet
B. The writer’s friend is a good swimmer
C. There are a lot of flowers in Anto’s house
D. The writer had a good time with his friend

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah (D) The writer had a good time with his friend.

3. Where did the writer spend his afternoon?
A. Under a tree
B. Inside big bird cage
C. In the flower garden
D. In the swimming pool

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah (D) In the swimming pool.

4. From the text, we know that the writer …
A. Had gone and visited many places during his holiday
B. Lived in the same village with his pen pal, Anto
C. Liked butterflies and swimming very much
D. Spent his holiday at friend’s house

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah (D) Spent his holiday at friend’s house.

Sekian Soal dan Pembahasan Anto. Semoga Soal dan Pembahasan Anto tadi dapat membantu teman-teman dalam belajar.

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