Soal dan Pembahasan Chichen ltza

Chichen ltza

Soal dan Pembahasan Chichen ltza – Secara umum materi descriptive text dapat dipelajari pada pelajaran bahasa Inggris pada tingkatan SMA. Pada pelajaran bahasa inggris terdapat materi descriptive text yang soalnya akan dibagikan pada tulisan ini beserta pembahasannya.

This text is for questions 1 to .

Chichen ltza

Located in Yucatan, appointed by the UNESCO as World Heritage and considered one of the “New Seven Wonders of the World.” The archaeological, site covers an area of 6.5 square kilometers. Composed by the south area that dates back to the VII century and shows the Maya Puuc construction style and the central area, built after the arrival of the Toltecs around the 10th century, it shows the fusion of the Puuc architectural styles and the central highlands of Mexico.

The most impressive structures of Chichen ltza are located in the central area. There you will find the ball game, temples, the spectacular Castle (Pyramid of Kukulkan), and the Mayan calendar stone that measures 25 meters. The Toltec warriors are represented in the engravings found around the entrance, at the top of the Castle. The local guides will provide detailed information about Chichen ltza and even take you to a Sacred Cenote.

During the spring and autumn equinoxes, the sun creates the illusion of a snake ascending or descending the stairs of the Pyramid of Kukulkan, a fantastic phenomenon that attracts many people. The illusion is reproduced in the sound and light show that takes place ever evening in the archaeological site. You can explore the archaeological sites of Chichen ltza in a day, or spend the night at the Hacienda Chichen, a place of the sixteenth century beautifully restored and transformed into a luxury hotel and spa.

1. Which country is Chichen ltza located?
A. Greece.
B. Rome.
C. Mexico.
D. Canada.
E. Cambodia.

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah (C) Mexico.

2. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
A. The condition of Chichen ltza during spring and autumn.
B. The constructions of Chichen ltza.
C. Where the structures of Chichen ltza are located.
D. What attract the visitors to come to Chichen ltza.
E. The things that can be found in Chichen ltza.

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah (D) What attract the visitors  to come to Chichen Itza.

3. Chichen ltza is a tourist attraction which belongs to …
A. Theme park
B. Historical site
C. National park
D. Natural site
E. Botanical garden

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah (B) Historical site.

4. “… it shows the fusion of the Puuc architectural styles …” (Paragraph 1). The synonym of the underlined word is …
A. Division
B. Separation
C. Mixture
D. Junction
E. Reception

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah (C) Mixture.

Sekian Soal dan Pembahasan Chichen ltza. Semoga Soal dan Pembahasan Chichen ltza tadi dapat membantu teman-teman dalam belajar.

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