Soal dan Pembahasan Mandrills


Soal dan Pembahasan Mandrills – Secara umum materi report text dapat dipelajari pada pelajaran bahasa Inggris pada tingkatan SMP. Pada pelajaran bahasa inggris terdapat materi report text yang soalnya akan dibagikan pada tulisan ini beserta pembahasannya.

This text is for questions 1 to .


Mandrills are the largest of all monkeys. They are shy and reclusive primates that live only in the rain forests of equatorial Africa.

Mandrills are extremely colorful, perhaps more so than any other mammal. They are easily identifiable by the blue and red skin on their faces and their brightly hued rumps. These distinctive colors become brighter when the animal is excited. They also have extremely long canine teeth that can be used for self-defense-though baring them is typically a friendly gesture among mandrills.

These are primarily terrestrial monkeys, and they move with long arms to forage on the ground for fruits, roots, and animals such as insects, reptiles, and amphibians. Their cheeks have built-in pouches that are used to store snacks for later consumption. Though mandrills spend much of their time on the ground, they can climb trees and do so to sleep.

Mandrills live in troops, which are headed by a dominant male and include a dozen or more females and young. They also gather in multi-male/multi-female groups that can include some 200 individuals.

These colorful primates are threatened. They are often hunted as bushmeat, and many Africans consider them to be a delicacy. Mandrills are feeling the squeeze of spreading agriculture and human settlement-both are shrinking their rain forest homeland.

1.Where do mandrills usually sleep?
A. On the tree
B. Under the tree
C. On the ground
D. Under their nests

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah (A) On the tree.

2. How do mandrills defend themselves?
A. By shouting loudly
B. By biting the enemy
C. By spiting food in their cheeks
D. By showing bright rumps

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah (B) By biting the enemy.

3. What is the topic of the third paragraph?
A. Mandrill’s habitat
B. Mandrill’s predator
C. Mandrill’s dietary
D. Mandrill’s behavior

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah (D) Mandrill’s behavior.

4. What can we infer for the text?
A. Mandrills are individual living mammals
B. Adult mandrills have only blue face color
C. Mandrills live almost all of the rain forest in the world
D. Mandrills are decreasing in numbers because of being hunted

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah (D) Mandrills are decreasing in numbers because of being hunted.

Sekian Soal dan Pembahasan Mandrills. Semoga Soal dan Pembahasan Mandrills tadi dapat membantu teman-teman dalam belajar.

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