Soal dan Jawaban TOEFL Reading 4 (PBT)

TOEFL Reading 4 (PBT) Soal dan Jawaban

TOEFL Reading 4 (PBT) Soal dan Jawaban
It has been noted that, traditionally, courts have granted divorces on fault grounds: one spouse is deemed to be at fault in causing the divorce. More and more today, however, divorces are being granted on a no-fault basis.

Proponents of no-fault divorces argue that when a marriage fails, it is rarely the case that one marriage partner is completely to blame and the other blameless. A failed marriage is much more often the result of mistakes by both partners.

Another argument in favor of no-fault divorce is that proving fault in court, in a public arena, is a destructive process that only serves to lengthen the divorce process and that dramatically increases the negative feelings present in a divorce. If a couple can reach a decision to divorce without first deciding which partner is to blame, the divorce settlement can be negotiated more easily and equitably and the post divorce healing process can begin more rapidly.

1. What does the passage mainly discuss?
A. Traditional grounds for divorce
B. Who is at fault in a divorce
C. Why no-fault divorces are becoming more common
D. The various reasons for divorces
Jawaban yang benar adalah (C) Why no-fault divorces are becoming more common

2. The word “spouse” in line 1 is closest in meaning to a
A. judge
B. problem
C. divorce decree
D. marriage partner
Jawaban yang benar adalah (D) marriage partner

3. according to the passage, no-fault divorces
A. are on the increase
B. are the traditional form of divorce
C. are less popular that they used to be
D. were granted more in the past
Jawaban yang benar adalah (A) are on the increase

4. It is implied in the passage that
A. there recently has been a decrease in no-fault divorces
B. not all divorces today are no-fault divorces
C. a no-fault divorce is not as equitable as a fault divorce
D. people recover more slowly from a no-fault divorce
Jawaban yang benar adalah (B) not all divorces today are no-fault divorces

5. The word “proponents” in line 4 is closest in meaning to which of the following?
A. Advocates
B. Recipients
C. Authorities
D. Enemies
Jawaban yang benar adalah (A) Advocates

6. The passage states that a public trial to prove the fault of one spouse can
A. be satisfying to the wronged spouse
B. lead to a shorter divorce process
C. reduce negative feelings
D. be a harmful process
Jawaban yang benar adalah (D) be a harmful process

7. Which of the following is NOT listed in this passage as an argument in favor of no-fault divorce?
A. Rarely is only one marriage partner to blame for a divorce
B. A no-fault divorce generally costs less in legal fees
C. Finding fault in a divorce increases negative feelings
D. A no-fault divorce settlement is generally easier to negotiate
Jawaban yang benar adalah (B) A no-fault divorce generally costs less in legal fees

8. The word “present” in line 9 could most easily be replaced by
A. existing
B. giving
C. introducing
D. resulting
Jawaban yang benar adalah (A) existing

9. The word “settlement” in line 10 is closest in meaning to
A. development
B. serenity
C. discussion
D. agreement
Jawaban yang benar adalah (D) agreement

10. The tone of this passage is
A. emotional
B. enthusiastic
C. expository
D. reactionary
Jawaban yang benar adalah (C) expository

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