Latihan Structure TOEFL Exercise Skill 13-14

latihan structure TOEFL skill 13-14 pembahasan

Latihan TOEFL Structure untuk skill 13-14 beserta pembahasan lengkap dari buku Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test.

Blok untuk kata yang merupakan subject dan blok dengan digarisbawahi untuk kata yang merupakan verb (kata kerja). Lalu tentukan kalimat yang benar dan kalimat yang salah.

1. Though was surprised at the results, she was pleased with what she had done
Jawaban: Incorrect/salah – (was)

2. Wearing only a light sweater, she stepped out into the pouring rain
Jawaban: Correct/benar.

3. The family stopped to visit many relatives while driving across the country
Jawaban: Correct/benar.

4. The company president, needed a vacation, boarded a plane for the Bahama
Jawaban: Incorrect/salah – (needed should be needing)

5. When applying for the job, you should bring your letters of reference
Jawaban: Correct/benar.

6. She looked up into the dreary sky was filled with dark thunderclouds
Jawaban: Incorrect/salah – (omit was)

7. Feeling weak after a long illness, Sally wanted to try to get back to work
Jawaban: Correct/benar.

8. Before decided to have surgery, you should get a second opinion
Jawaban: Incorrect/salah – (decided should be deciding)

9. The construction material, a rather grainy type of wood, gave the room a rustic feeling
Jawaban: Correct/benar.

10. The application will at least be reviewed if submitted by the fifteenth of the month
Jawaban: Correct/benar.

Latihan TOEFL Structure 13-14 Pilihan Ganda
Pilihlah jawaban yang paling tepat untuk melengkapi kalimat berikut.

1. When ___ nests during spring nesting season, Canadian geese are fiercely territorial.
(A) building
(B) are building
(C) built
(D) are built
Jawaban yang benar adalah (A) building

2. In 1870, Calvin, along with Adirondack hunter Alvah Dunning, made the first known ascent of Seward Mountain, ___ far from roads of trails.
(A) a remote peak
(B) it is a remote peak
(C) a remote peak is
(D) which a remote peak
Jawaban yang benar adalah (A) a remote peak

3. Kokanee salmon begin to deteriorate and die soon ___ at the age of four.
(A) they spawn
(B) after spawning
(C) spawn
(D) spawned the salmon
Jawaban yang benar adalah (B) after spawning

4. ___ behind government secrecy for nearly half a century, the Hanford plant in central Washington produced plutonium for the nuclear weapons of the Cold War.
(A) It is hidden
(B) Hidden
(C) Which is hidden
(D) The plant is hiding
Jawaban yang benar adalah (B) Hidden

5.  Until ___ incorrect, astronomers had assumed the insides of white dwarfs were uniform.
(A) they
(B) their proof
(C) the astronomers recently proven
(D) recently proven
Jawaban yang benar adalah (D) recently proven

6. ___ artifacts from the early Chinese dynasties, numerous archaeologist have explored the southern Silk Road.
(A) They were searching for
(B) It was a search for
(C) Searched for
(D) Searching for
Jawaban yang benar adalah (D) Searching for

7. In Hailey, the best known lecturer was women’s rights activist Abigail Scott Duniway of Portland, Oregon, who could usually be persuaded to speak ___  town visiting her son.
(A) she was in
(B) while in
(C) while she was
(D) was in
Jawaban yang benar adalah (B) while in

8. The National Restaurant ___  Washington, says that federal efforts to regulate workplace smoking would limit restaurants’ ability to respond to the desires of their patrons.
(A) Association in
(B) Association is in
(C) Association which is in
(D) Association, based in
Jawaban yang benar adalah (D) Association, based in

9. ___ in North American waterways a little over a decade ago, zebra mussels have already earned a nasty reputation for their expensive habit of clogging water pipes in the Great Lakes area.
(A) The first sighting
(B) Although first sighted
(C) Zebra mussels were first sighted
(D) First sighting
Jawaban yang benar adalah (B) Although first sighted

10. Small companies may take their goods abroad for trade shows without paying foreign value – added taxes by acquiring ___ an ATA carnet.
(A) a document calls
(B) a document called
(C) calls a document
(D) called a document
Jawaban yang benar adalah (B) a document called

Sekian Latihan TOEFL Structure untuk skill 13-14 beserta pembahasan dari buku Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test. Semoga TOEFL exercise 13-14 tadi dapat membantu teman-teman dalam belajar TOEFL.

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