Latihan Structure TOEFL Exercise Skill 15-19

latihan structure TOEFL skill 15-19 pembahasan

Latihan TOEFL Structure untuk skill 15-19 beserta pembahasan lengkap dari buku Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test.

Blok untuk kata yang merupakan subject dan blok dengan digarisbawahi untuk kata yang merupakan verb (kata kerja). Lalu tentukan kalimat yang benar dan kalimat yang salah.

1. The town council is not sure why have the land developers changed their plans.
Jawaban: Incorrect/salah – seharusnya adalah land developers have

2. Never in the world I believed that this would happen.
Jawaban: Incorrect/salah – seharusnya adalah did I believe

3. The day might have been a little more enjoyable had the sun been out a little more.
Jawaban: Correct/benar.

4. Only once did the judge take the defense lawyer’s suggestion.
Jawaban: Correct/benar.

5. Down the hall to the left the offices are that need to be painted.
Jawaban: Incorrect/salah – seharusnya adalah are the offices

6. Did the scientist explain what he put in the beaker?
Jawaban: Correct/benar.

7. Hardly ever it snows in this section of the country.
Jawaban: Incorrect/salah – seharusnya adalah does it snow

8. Elijah scored more points in yesterday’s basketball final than had any other player in history.
Jawaban: Correct/benar.

9. In the state of California, earthquakes occur regularly.
Jawaban: Correct/benar.

10. He should ever call again, please tell him that I am not at home.
Jawaban: Incorrect/salah – seharusnya adalah Should he

Latihan TOEFL Structure 15-19 Pilihan Ganda
Pilihlah jawaban yang paling tepat untuk melengkapi kalimat berikut.

1. Rarely ___ located near city lights or at lower elevations.
(A) observatories are
(B) are
(C) in the observatories
(D) are observatories
Jawaban yang benar adalah (D) are observatories karena subject dan verb dalam bentuk negative (negative + S + V)         

2. There are geographic, economic, and cultural reasons why ___ around the world.
(A) diets differ
(B) do diets differ
(C) are diets different
(D) to differ a diet
Jawaban yang benar adalah (A) diets differ karena noun clause (Subject + Verb)

3. Were ___ millions of dollars each year replenishing eroding beaches, the coastline would be changing even more rapidly.
(A) the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers not spending
(B) the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers not spend
(C) the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers does not spend
(D) not spending the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Jawaban yang benar adalah (A) the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers not spending karena conditional tipe 2 (were + Subject)

4. Nowhere ___ more skewed than in the auto industry.
(A) that retail trade figures
(B) retail trade figures are
(C) are retail trade figures
(D) retail trade figures
Jawaban yang benar adalah (C) are retail trade figures karena (Negative + Auxiliary + S + V)

5. New York’s City’s central park is nearly twice as large ___ second smallest country, Monaco.
(A) as
(B) is the
(C) as is
(D) as is the
Jawaban yang benar adalah (D) as is the karena degree of comparison (multiple number + As + Adjective/Adverb + As)

6. Potassium has a valence of positive one because it usually loses one electron when ___ with other elements.
(A) does it combine
(B) it combines
(C) in combining
(D) combining
Jawaban yang benar adalah (B) it combines karena adverbial clause (When + S + V)

7. The economic background of labor legislation will not mentioned in this course, ___ be treated.
(A) trade unionism will not
(B) nor trade unionism will
(C) nor will trade unionism
(D) neither trade unionism will
Jawaban yang benar adalah (C) nor will trade unionism karena (Negative + Auxiliary + S + V)

8. ___ test positive for antibiotics when tanker trucks arrive at a milk processing plant, according to federal law, the entire truckload must be discarded.
(A) Should milk
(B) If milk
(C) If milk is
(D) Milk should
Jawaban yang benar adalah (A) Should milk karena conditional tipe 1 (Should + S + Infinitive/be)

9. Located behind ___ the two lacrimal glands.
(A) each eyelid
(B) is each eyelid
(C) each eyelid are
(D) each eyelid which is
Jawaban yang benar adalah (C) each eyelid are karena inverted place (Place + Subject)

10. Only for a short period of time ___ run at a top speed.
(A) cheetahs
(B) do cheetahs
(C) that a cheetahs can
(D) can
Jawaban yang benar adalah (B) do cheetahs inverted (Only + Auxiliary + Subject)

Sekian Latihan TOEFL Structure untuk skill 15-19 beserta pembahasan dari buku Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test. Semoga TOEFL exercise 15-19 tadi dapat membantu teman-teman dalam belajar TOEFL.

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